The Community Center here in Casterton is offering some great computer related short courses starting soon.

“Computers For the Terrified” is a great starter course if you want to get acquainted but have no idea where to begin. You’ll learn about Windows, Internet, email, web browsing and whatever that Google thing is that they talk about.

Also look for “Managing Farming Budgets”. If you need to get on top of your farm or household budget using some simple computer tools, this might be the answer. This is a great course that introduces you to spreadsheets and how to get the numbers to work for you with a minimum of pain.

If you love taking photos with your phone or camera but don’t know what to do with them after that, the “Imaging Knowledge For a Digital Future” might be the course for you. Learn how to capture, download, manipulate, enhance and save your photos to various formats.

Go to the Old Courthouse Community Center website for more information.

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