Computers For The Terrified

The Community Center here in Casterton is offering some great computer related short courses starting soon. “Computers For the Terrified” is a great starter course if you want to get acquainted but have no idea where to begin. You’ll learn about Windows, Internet, email, web browsing and whatever that Google thing is that they talk […]

New Web Site For Gorman’s Real Estate

I’ve spent the last month or so building a brand new web site for Gorman’s Real Estate here in Casterton. It was a fun and interesting project. I’m learning all about WordPress and plugins and themes and things, particularly the ‘back-end’ stuff that makes it all work. I discovered a nice slider plugin that does […]

Router vs Switch

What is a Router? A router is a networking device that connects computer networks. For example, connecting a home network with the Internet. Routers are the workhorses that transfer packets of data between networks to establish and sustain communication between two nodes in an internetwork. Routers operate at Layer 3 (network layer) of the OSI […]

Expecting A Parcel?

Found this today on a customer computer. Be always vigilant when reading your emails? Not expecting a parcel? It came from an email purportedly from Australia Post with an attachment. When the user opens the attachment, a javascript program is automatically executed which goes right through your computer and encrypts every document and picture/photo. Within […]

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